The Sketch of logo design – Hao

Today I draw the concept of the logo which we are going to use in the next stage.

we decide to use the name as Media Monkey.

so I choose to find some images about the Monkey itself. like different monkeys even included the Gorilla .(see the Pinterest :

I try to find different figure of Monkey in different styles. and then made our own Media Monkey.

The sketch I made is more about the face and the monkeys’ movement. and I do really want to make a cool monkey for our cool installation.

and one more I want to make a logo which can use as a stick, so we can use it as a stick to put it in the city as a promotion.



Target Group Research

The first research about the target group

First Draft: (make sure the business of wire lab and the concept of the whole project about attracting people to come to Enschede.)

At the first research we focus on the audience of wire lab. the group who come to the Enschede. the group who like to use the installation.

wire lab

target group of the wire lab would be the community who need the apps.

the company who need to promote their brand

also about the the company website building.

about digital creation.

Groups come to the city

so the target group of city is the people who want to explore the Enschede city centre.(they live here or not)

the people who are interested in the communicative technologies. people who are attractive by the technologies.

People who visit the city from other places.( like from other cities around this area, to come here for the “events”.)

technology people like scientist or technology creators

The second research about the target group

Second Draft: (sharpen the target group, and we make sure what do they need in that area.)

After the first draft idea creation. We make it much clearly to figure out our target group.

Weekend and WeekdaysBasicXXL Header

during the weekend and weekdays the amount of people gonna be huge differences cuz in the city centre also have the open market. so maybe some people live in Germany side also come to here.

The location

The area is more like a open space as an architecture. Many people went there just have a rest, and also many people just passing there (also as a main road), to go to other places in the city centre.

The area is more like a music district(area) because the Atak and Wilminktheater located in there. (musicians and their audiences)

The water flowing and the small waterfall make the location alive, together with the grassland attract many people especially children and their parents to play in here.(family) 

The Installation

So basically after the second draft we divided the installation as two part which is first work in the daytime and the other is projection mapping which work during night. During the daytime we try to attract our audience as much as possible. so possibly during the night they will come to play with it.

For other people didn’t notice this in the daytime during the night they will attract by the application.

Target Group

For the the people just passing the area.

The people just passing by the area (stand by)

The people who just passing by the area is like they have their specific goal to find some places in the cities. we cannot track so probably guessing from the map or we need to provided questionnaire.

The people just passing by the area (not stay)

The people have some place to go maybe in a hurry or not. u can also attract people who are not in hurry, but for people in hurry he or she will just go.

so they are not kind of our potential target group but still can try to attract them.

For the people come who have specific goals

The people go this district within specific purpose

1/ The people who go to Atak

“Atak is the provider and supporter of live music and pop culture in Enschede.” So their customer are more like young generations(14-26) / the people who love night life( some shows are last during the midnight) /   

2/ The people who go to Wilminktheater

“Providing a meeting place in society where public and performing arts are connected, in an environment where service and personal attention are key.” the audiences are more like a young and old generations.


3/ The people who go to Gusto restaurantGusto!

Enjoy the food and cup of coffee during weekends/weekdays.

4/ The people who may go to intercity hotel (students/ businessman/ tourist/ old generation/ scientist /)

The tourists who come to Enschede or people come to here with specific etc.

5/ The people who want to have a rest in the square.

(do some sports/laying on the ground/enjoy the sunshine/)

For the couples of people





To Conclude


Every people passing by the area. (tourists/families/old generations/etc.)

In the night:

people from different ages but the installations are much more to be played for young generations.(10-36) love show, music, performing, food, train station, night life.

young generations.(10-36), love the show, live music,music,food, party,concert,festivals.

families: parents with several children 5-12

people love party: 22-26

people living in the hotel 27-



The people who love music: This people with some knowledge of the music, or know some basic elements about how to make music, or they would like to try to make music.

understand rhythms, tunes, beats, sequences.

so we are much more prefer to attract the people from different ages but the installations are much more easier to be played with young generations.(18-36)

Under 18 years old maybe accompany with their parents would be much better.(family)

18-36 or even more (36-)  included the couples.

18-36 are friends (male and female )

young boys and girls.