07/06 Feedback from Kasper

There were mostly compliment about the tracking program based on Unity that has been used in our installation. However, some suggestion has been given as below:

  1. Try to do some user test and see how the users react to the installation.
  2. Try to focus more on the button, for example, hack a wireless doorbell to make it into a button.
  3. Make sure all parts of the program/ applications are able to connect to each other.

20/05/2016 Feedback from Rene

We’ve got some feedback about personal journey for last two weeks from Rene as below:

  1. The personal journey will grade on induvial, and the assessment form has been changed.
  2. The personal reflection should be written in the journey, such as how do you feel about working as a team, and how do you feel that if others have different opinion.
  3. Another important thing is that what did you learn during this week, and what skills you may or could use in the professional future.

19/05/2016 Feedback from Martijn

Some feedback about the team work has been given by Martijn as below:

  1. Make definition of done, fun, and team rules for the team, to create a nicer atmosphere to the team.
  2. Make burn down chart to track the efficiency of the team task.
  3. Make sure to write daily summary each day, and team retrospective every sprint.
  4. Post all these things on team blog in the form of image, text or video.

17/05/2016 Feedback from Kasper

Some feedback about the design document has been given by Kasper:

  1. The description of the story is not clear enough, for example: why your team want to make the area into a music district and how.
  2. Customer journey should be: how will the customer experience the installation.
  3. List of requirement is not correct, have to read the delft design guide again.
  4. Try to do more test or experiment to test the different possibilities, and add it in the design document, also make a clear reason why you choose to use this technic.
  5. Try to explain the online application more, and find the connection with the installation.
  6. Since you don’t have programmers in your team, maybe it is a good idea that to use more visual things to attract customers, such as posters.

Feedback 12-05-2016

Feedback 12-05-2016 from  Kasper

  1. This project requires a physical installation such as a box etc..
  2. Think about other ways to visualize the data, instead only images. For example water, fog etc..
  3. The big data including the data that connected by ourselves though senser or music data base.
  4. The projection mapping only works during night, so it is a little bit tricky. Maybe it is a good idea to think about something related that also works during the day.

28/04/2016 Feedback from Kasper

We had a meeting with a staff of the company, and still has to make another appointment with them again because there are some questions the staff cannot answer. In the meanwhile, we got some feedback from Kasper about the projection mapping as below:

  1. It should be gathering information such as: how many parking space it has, or how it looks like in the past or the future or weather, temperature. So that visitors can take “something” with them when they are leaving.
  2. As international students, maybe it is a better idea to connect to international cities, for example: international friend cities of Enschede.
  3. The “online application” should connect to the concept.
  4. Thinking about the concept first, not the technical things. After the concept, always to check is it possible to achieve.
  5. If there are some technical problems, always make an appointment with him to fix it.

26/04/2016 Feedback from Tim

We’ve finished brainstorming, and came up with some ideas and questions, and got feedback from Tim as below:

  1. If the concept has to be projection mapping, there is no need to worry about it does or doesn’t effected by the sunlight. It is possible to show it during the night.
  2. The concept should or should not connected with the location is not clear, so it is necessary to ask other teachers.
  3. Sort out all the ideas we’ve been brainstormed, and come out of three ideas that we think it is working.