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Improvements of final prototype

We got sufficient amount of feedback in order to make certain decisions.

  • While people are using our installation, they are not focusing on where they step. Because there is no certain tasks and game is pure improvisation, we decided to add additional layer of sound. Now each pad has 2 sounds and they are randomly triggered.
  • All sound with highpitch was lowered down. All sounds with busy frequencies was replaced.
  • We had troubles: from time to time button wasnt reconecting OSC and there was no sound. Programm was rewrited into one scene which plays constantly and camera is used as a listener.

User test 3.0

We made one of the last user tests and received a lot of fedback.

Here I will highlight some technical issues and explain  why certain decisions regarding system was made.


At first  we had placed 16 sounds that have same key and same speed, but there was a big disadvantage, people arent able to jump in squares in right time and sound composition sounds messed up. Reason is that system have ping and light diferencing sometimes stucks in between, what leads to start loop in wrong time. During day time it was completely terrible experience while during night time it was much better from motion perspective, but still people wasnt able to play like we planed.

We could not connect and create interactive projection mapping like we wanted at first.Reasons was : needed much more powerfull machine in order to generate visuals and create a network of multiple maschines and create virtual switch for them.


Our solution was to create pad with 16 sounds what arent technical and are very abstract and minimalistic, sounds of jungle and environment. This solution make our installation work during daytime also. We tried to experiment with duration of sounds; playing sound till the end, once u stepped inside square; playing sound while user is inside and stop sound once user left.

Solution was to show on a top screen representation of field in unity and highlight blocks once user is inside. This will make people look up and its important, because as data we collect pictures. It will make people look up and show theire faces and not backs.


Over all there was a lot of people passed by and said that they fel emotions like: mysterious feeling and curious fear. Those emotional are very powerfull and we are going to keem them. Also some of the users didnt understand what its about while running around for long amount of time and expressing emotions. We want that people experience joy and have fun in this musiq quartal.

First Prototype test

We made our first test, without audio. Purpose of it is to test and calibrate software.

In general it works well, but there are few problems which cannot be solved. We are going to do everything possible to make instalation as perfect as posible.

Firs problem is that camera has angle and it recognizes people like white spots on dark matter, it does affect interaction, because people who are standing behind each other is recognized as one spot.

Second problem is that camera is very sensitive for light, it mean that if lighting changes, camera settings have to be reconfigurated.

Also it recognize shadows as white spots and can connect multiple people in one white spot.

From all of this: Instalation can work during daytime, but could glitch from time to time, best expierience could be at the night or when mainly cloudy.

30/05/16 Daily Stand-Up

Ricky:  To do- typeset the design document by using Adobe Indesign, and ideas about the online application.

Cezar: test with C# in Unity for possibilities on how can we achieve the desired functionalities for the installation

Sai: Reasch about VJ video and make a draft about video part,we decided use futuristic for our video part, but there still have some detail need to be think about.

Vadim: Arrange appointment with company who installed hardware in wirelab. Make a planing and spliting the instalation production in blocks.

Kafka: design poster concept and make poster