The flyer

For promotion design part. I have made the flyer for our project.

I made the map on the flyer. and easy instruction as well.

the flyer itself can be folded. so when u open it, different parts show one by one



Improvements of final prototype

We got sufficient amount of feedback in order to make certain decisions.

  • While people are using our installation, they are not focusing on where they step. Because there is no certain tasks and game is pure improvisation, we decided to add additional layer of sound. Now each pad has 2 sounds and they are randomly triggered.
  • All sound with highpitch was lowered down. All sounds with busy frequencies was replaced.
  • We had troubles: from time to time button wasnt reconecting OSC and there was no sound. Programm was rewrited into one scene which plays constantly and camera is used as a listener.

Projection Mapping final version

Since last time testing, the result of mapping is not as good as we image. The projector will always dim down the intensity of the color is the biggest problem, So  I decided to change all the mapping video,use strong and colorful style to present young energy concept and 3d space to make a deep space. the wall projector video uses the same style and same color to attract people.

The standby animation using big “press the button” to attract people when they pass by.

屏幕快照 2016-07-04 00.06.44屏幕快照 2016-07-04 00.08.43

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 21.15.02

Wood beer mats

We decided make some wood beer mats for our installation users. The them would be smart city.

The first draft:

Grote_Kerk_Enschede.jpg Untitled-1.png

From the inspiration by some fiction poster, I made the whole part :

church.pngThe font I choose form tech style and I use some simple patter combination. the number 1894 is the year Enschede industrialisation stimulated a large increase in population. 150,004 is Municipality, 053 is the area code.

The first prototype:

It was the first experience for the laser cutting so that cause some problem like accuracy.

Lastly, changed another font and the design:

The final wood beer mats are finished.