User test 3.0

We made one of the last user tests and received a lot of fedback.

Here I will highlight some technical issues and explain  why certain decisions regarding system was made.


At first  we had placed 16 sounds that have same key and same speed, but there was a big disadvantage, people arent able to jump in squares in right time and sound composition sounds messed up. Reason is that system have ping and light diferencing sometimes stucks in between, what leads to start loop in wrong time. During day time it was completely terrible experience while during night time it was much better from motion perspective, but still people wasnt able to play like we planed.

We could not connect and create interactive projection mapping like we wanted at first.Reasons was : needed much more powerfull machine in order to generate visuals and create a network of multiple maschines and create virtual switch for them.


Our solution was to create pad with 16 sounds what arent technical and are very abstract and minimalistic, sounds of jungle and environment. This solution make our installation work during daytime also. We tried to experiment with duration of sounds; playing sound till the end, once u stepped inside square; playing sound while user is inside and stop sound once user left.

Solution was to show on a top screen representation of field in unity and highlight blocks once user is inside. This will make people look up and its important, because as data we collect pictures. It will make people look up and show theire faces and not backs.


Over all there was a lot of people passed by and said that they fel emotions like: mysterious feeling and curious fear. Those emotional are very powerfull and we are going to keem them. Also some of the users didnt understand what its about while running around for long amount of time and expressing emotions. We want that people experience joy and have fun in this musiq quartal.


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