User Test 2.0

We’ve tested the installation on the location during 10p.m to 3a.m on the location again, some problems has been solved, and we’ve also made some changes about the installation and the concept.


  • We use a 100m cable for the speaker because the Bluetooth speaker doesn’t work on the location, wifi speakers dont allow to to playback sound from line-out and are software binded
  • The button can works perfectly on the location for now.


  • We changed the sounds in the installation to nature sounds instead of technical music.
  • We added another arduino with ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, and led to attract people’s attention.
  • Instead of start the installation, push the button will trigger the camera to take picture and upload to our online application.
  • The projection mapping and unity will always triggered, remove the start and game over scene.


We’ve received some feedback from the users as below:

  • The installation is much “cooler” with projection.
  • The music remix doesn’t suit for each other because they are to technical and because of the system latency people arent able to jump in right time, in order that sound will be synchronised.
  • People who passed by don’t know how to play it.

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