28/06 Daily Stand-up


  • Done: The second test has been done on the location during 10 p.m- 3 a.m. The sensor has been finished half.
  • To do: Solve some of the problem we have face, change some stuff in the concept, and the third test on the location, film the user journey. Launch the online application, create QR code and NFC.


  • Done: The second test on the location during night has been done.
  • To do: lunch the online application, and make dropbox data bace for the online application.


  • Done: second test during night. projector adjusted and test all the connection.
  • To do: basic on the result of test, make some change of animation. both wall animation and floor animation need changed.


  • Done: wiring on location is managed, brought 3 cables, 2 for speakers,1 for the power. Test on location during night.
  • To do: Edit videos, create user test video and write choises and problems made for the final design document


  • Done: Wood beer mats printed and fixing part of the button set.
  • To do:Making videos for the project


  • Done: wood mats cutting  first version
  • To do:wood mats cutting second version

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.39.52Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.40.31


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