24/06 Daily Stand-up


  • Done: Re-assigned the task to each teammates, small meeting to discuss what we should do to improve our installation.
  • To do: Test the sounds system on the location, and buy ultrasonic sensor, buzzer in order to complete our installation.


  • Done: Did the online application data collect, and research about the ultrasonic sensor.
  • To do: Test the sounds system, fixing bugs in our program.


  • Done: research about arduino sensor, ultrasonic sensor and led connect, make a first diagram of connect.
  • To do: focus on interaction function, find a solution to connect small animation with audio button.


  • Done: couple variations of sound for plates is done.
  • To do: Connect everything on a location and make test.


  • Done: Test the installation out of the wirelab. The bluetooth is not working for the location and because of the wire for the speaker is too long and the sound is not loud enough.
  • To do: Find out some way to deal with day time and attractive people come to our installation.


  • Done:
  • To do:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.29.10Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.30.05


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