23/06 Daily stand-up


  • Done: Made new plan for team:1. Animation connect with unity– if we couldn’t find a way to connect them together, we could just use the loop animation to project on the ground. Not necessarily have to connect them together. We already have the interaction with sounds during the day. 2. Sounds visualisation- this is the priority, we have to find a way to make real time visualisation. 3. User test- this is also important.  have to range a time with them so we could make at least two videos. 4. Sticker or other stuff- have to find a way to fix this. 5. Poster/ rewards- You guys have to find a place and print out the posters, also, at first, we plan to allow users to download the sounds they made as reward/ something they can take away with them. Since we are no longer to do this, I was thinking maybe print some stickers of our logo as a reward to give to those people who tried our installation. 6. Extra- distance sensor with led- Sai and me will trying to find a way to make this thing before Wednesday.
  • To do: finish the personal journey and the user test on location. Assign and explain tasks to teammates.


  • Done: The button has been fixed, and it is now working properly.
  • To do: going the the location to do some test and user test.


  • Done: talking with team numbers about reward and decided use wooden beer mat be the souvenir for user.
  • To do: research about distance sensor with led and buzzer.


  • Done: Testeed different bluetooth and wifi speakers on location. Solution 60m wire for testing.
  • To do: sound design for instalation


  • Done: test speaker in wirelab, make the gift for the uer and made design plan.
  • To do:finish the wood cutting gift and going to make the button sensor .


  • Done:
  • To do:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.25.45

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.26.25


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