22/06 Daily stand-up


  • Done: finished the basic website data input, and added video, posters in the website.
  • To do: Organize the things left we have to do. looking for other ways to input data, and looking for other things to give the users as reward.


  • Done: Fixed some of the problems in the button, and tried a lot of ways to find a solution.
  • To do: Continue to fix the button.


  • Done: the animation part is almost done, but still need test the result of mapping, if the result is not as good as expectant, make some change and new version for it.
  • To do: help Ricky organize left work, think about use the plywood we had to make some souvenir for user.


  • Done: Construction is made and looks like solid object.
  • To do: Prepare object for testing on a location, find way to bring sound to the audience


  • Done: research about how to connect the unity with madmapper, how to insert video in unity and make it follow the order. How to make real time music visuallizor  and communicate with unity and madmapper.
  • To do: looking for some way that can solve the technic problems.


  • Done:
  • To do:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.20.23

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 13.21.20


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