16/06 Daily Stand-up


  • Done: Did some research about the QR code and how to build personal cloud in order to make a full functional web application.
  • To do: Making experiment about D3.js and Max Msp to connect with unity.


  • Done: integrated the wireless button in the prototype to start the main scene when pressed
  • To do: improve the prototype to be entirely functional and without errors


  • Done: play state animation is done, the connection between video and video can worked.
  • To do: still need find a solution to connect each part together. research for Resolume 5 and Irmapio. try to find a way to connect them.


  • Done: Construction prepared for painting.
  • To do: Painted inside white for light reflection, made door from front to easy acces electronics if needed.


  • Done: Loop animation is finished. Try to find out music visualisation(I tried to search: max msp – arduino,  unity-maxmsp)
  • To do: Make music visualisation program.


  • Done:finish Learning the sound visualisation from Unity and processing, doing experiment through Max Msp.
  • To do:find codes and examples, search about the differenet ways  of visualising.



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