Test- Projection Mapping

Since in the main idea of the concept we decided to use projection mapping, I’ve tried to find several solution on how we can integrate that in our installation.

I am using a laptop that runs on Windows, I’ve found how I connect Madmapper and Unity3D through a plugin that is called Whyphon. By just assigning the plugin and changing some details on the connection and ports I was able to project on objects from the Scene.

But the computer installed in the Wirelab that we are going to use, is running on Mac. For the Mac OS X the projection mapping on objects in Unity3D can be done using Syphon .

We encountered some problems connecting MadMapper to Syphon and Unity3D, but this will be workable till next week.

In case this will be unsuccessful, the other plan is to use another Unity3D project that will focus mainly on projecting a playful animation on the ground that will also react to movement.



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