15/06 Daily stand-up


  • Done: Did some research about the web application and found out it is difficult to store the data in our web or offer users to download.
  • To do: team meeting to discuss how to make the web application, research how to connect the music visualization with unity, and find a way to put everything we’ve made together. Also discuss with teammates how are we going to present our poster.


  • Done: experiment: 2 buttons connected to Arduino that control the movement of an object in unity.
  • To do: apply the experiment in the main prototype using the wireless button


  • Done: almost finished the animation part, still need talk with team members. research about mapmapper plugin.
  • To do: test the video effects and connect standby animation and play state animation together, write personal journal.


  • Done:Builded frame, connected lights, closed sides with wood,
  • To do: Sand construction and fill slits, prepare for painting.


  • Done: The main style of the animation was made.
  • To do: Finish the rest loop animation and do another task.


  • Done:did research about sound visualisation. The protential style which make from processing is made.
  • To do:finding more examples, figure out how it works.



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