10/06 Daily Stand-up


  • Done: Finished the personal journey, worked on web belog and scrum.
  • To do: Showcase guide, discuss the problem in our team, buying some material for the installation


  • Done: tested another version of the prototype on location and checked on how much of a big distance can the wireless doorbell receive the signal to trigger the button
  • To do: tests – > Arduino unity connection


  • Done: test projector and mapmapper, test the unity connection.
  • To do: keep working on connection with video and programing part. test the interaction function.


  • Done: Tests of protorype on location, calibrated field and measured distance of wireless connection with button.
  • To do: Plan and count how much material we need and start building physical stand for button.


  • Done: Didn’t find a useful tutorials or example about programming part. But for the mad mapper, I found a plugin which could be use for for the coming animation and projetor part.
  • To do: Change task to animation part, make animation for the content.


  • Done:Test different programming we are going to use to connect with the Unity.
  • To do: Finding  the visualisation on the screen, research about the animation.10



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