09/06 daily stand-up


  • Done: The design document has been edited, however, more tests need to add into it.
  • To do: Write personal journey for tomorrow, and make a construction plan for the installation by using Auto CAD.


  • Done: tested the connection between Arduino and the wireless doorbell
  • To do: test at Wirelab location the last version in Unity and the distance at which the wireless doorbell can receive/send signals


  • Done: make the second version of floor projector, discuss about the color style and some detail.
  • To do: make some change of the projector video.


  • Done: Bought and rebuilded childrens light for button.
  • To do: Test new updates on location and penetration distance of wireless button thrue glass.


  • Done: Do some program research which can help Cezar. Poster finished.
  • To do: Build installation,  Find some material for the button.


  • Done:learning processing from tutorial, test the codes to see if it can work.
  • To do:begin to doing research about the video.



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