06/06 daily stand-up


  • Done: Finished one poster, however, there are still things have to change and discuss with teammates such as slogan.
  • To do: complate the poster, and try to make a series.


  • Done: I have added a countdown timer to the main scene in order to make a limitation of interaction –  60 seconds to compose a song through jumping on the filmed area
  • To do: find a method of recording audio from within the scene in Unity


  • Done: Finish the interface and button design.
  • To do: Fix state transition diagram, use After effect to make button animation.


  • Done: One more test on location,  posting and describing test results.
  • To do: Gether information about wireless button.


  • Done: search some program about button
  • To do: do some program


  • Done: search some program about the max msp
  • To do:talking about with others about the sound visualisation



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