Wireless Doorbell -> Arduino

For our physical part of the installation we are going to need a wireless connection between the button (which will be situated outside) and the laptop (which will be situated inside the Wirelab quarters). The 1st thought that we had was to use a Raspberry Pi for this functionality, but after a technical discussion with the teachers we decided that a wireless doorbell and a connection with arduino will do the job way faster and less complicated.

So, I bought a wireless doorbell from a supermarket and I’ve started disassembling it.

The doorbell is made out of 2 parts: the button and the receiver. On the button part we’ve connected an arcade button for a longer use. On the receiver part I’ve connected a led to visualize the tests and ,of course, the Arduino. The speaker was removed thus not being of any use.

Through the Arduino I’ve tested what voltage does it receive after pressing the button. There are voltage fluctuation thanks to the connected button that supposedly is changing the song of the doorbell.

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