01/06 Daily stand up


  • Done: the portotype of the installation has been finished, and I’ve made a facebook page for our projection mapping, upload some imformation and made a event about this project. Also we’ve got some feedback from kasper about the design document.
  • To do: Start to make the online application, and upload the feedback.


  • Done: -finished a working prototype of the main functionality of the installation.      – experimented with arduino+led+button for the physical part of the installation
  • To do: go to Wirelab to test the first version of the installation


  • Done: Some feedbeck from Ksper about design document. descuss with team number about projection video.
  • To do:Fix the state situation digram of design document, make a 3D modle for installation button. Make a short loop video for video.


  • Done: Meeting with 100%fat, rearanged scrum, changes for design document (hardware and layout) of instalation.
  • To do: Testing first version of instalation on wirelab location


  • Done: Finished 2 posters.
  • To do: Fix posters


  • Done:making the poster and finished
  • To do:going to make application/ installation test




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