Logo design 2-Hao

After the meeting with group members. we possibly change the name as the Audio Monkey. which is much better for our group.

according to the Sketch before I choose several monkey face to continue. and one of them

I figure it out from the draft sketch to a logo in AI. find the appropriate Font from 7 different fonts. The one I choose is a script font. cause I want it much more casual than any other “Monkey Logo” I found online. And also for our installation, the music should bring much more relax than any other installations.

So the whole style is kind of Graphical drawing on the wall, or like a graffiti in the street. We may change it a little bit to adapt to the internet as a flat design. but now I just wanna it much more attractive in the street. and according to the shape around it we can made it as a sticker as well.

and u can see from above that how I change the new font and new name. and I also try to make different version.

the final work is this one. The version without colour and with the color.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 23.43.40.png




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Hao Wu

Graphic designer

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