Elaborated Concept

During the previous researches, which shows that there is no music distract in Enschede. Due to the policy of the Dutch government, stores are all closed after 6 p.m., and after that people has not place to relaxing or entertaining themselves except to go home, or go to restaurants or bar. For those people, especially people who comes from Asian countries, this is a nightmare, because most stores are closed after 9p.m during the weekdays and 10p.m. in the weekends, some of them even open 24/7.

For us, the “Smart city” means to change, to change the way of working, life, traffic or entertainment etc., we commit ourselves to change the area around Wirelab into a music distract, which allows people interact with technology, music, and other human beings, and also in able to find a new place to relaxing and enjoy the music in a new way after work or study, which brings us the new way of life style and relaxing. 

The installation based on projector, screen, sensor, sounds data base, and a physical button. During the day, there is only music in the location. When people cross by and push the red button, nothing will change except the information shows how many time left that the product will work due to the projector cannot work in the daylight. During the night, there is a spotlight right on the red button. When people push it, the projector will project several shapes on the ground, and the sensor will be activating to sense the movement of them. When visitors step on the shapes, the sensor can recognize the movement or jumping of them, so react differently such as guitar, drums in order to make their own remix songs. All the tones of the instruments have been edited so that if there are more than one person jump on it, the music will not be messed up. The meter of each instruments depend on the movement that people made.

 The online application will bond with users’ Facebook or Twitter, so that users have the possibilities to download the songs they just made or share the songs on their social media.


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