Draft concept


(picture1: elements of the concept, source by Ricky)


This idea is based on an app on a tablet or phone with Bluetooth or wireless function (see picture 1). Connected with a showcase/sandbox which has a model of landmarks, such as churches or historical buildings in Enschede, and a beamer/projector on it. The projector/beamer can project light, shadows or other effects on the model and allow visitors to use the APP to interact with it, such as changing the light, shadows, color or even drawing on it. The app should automatically collect data from the users, such as their preference or how satisfied they are.


The Wirelab is a digital creative company, and they are also doing some experiments of projection mapping. We believe by using this kind of technology can make the audience experience the style of this company, and also related to the theme, “smart city”. In our opinion “smart city” is a way to makes human life more colorful, playful, beautiful and easier by technology and interactive. So this should be a good way to make it come true.


However, except the technical problems, we didn’t come out of a way of storytelling in this concept, which is a weakness of it. Also, this idea has some limitations, we are not sure about how the “projection mapping” works during the day. Maybe it is hard to see it very clearly due to the sunshine. But according to Tim Roosen, this should not be a problem because we can always get it assessed in the night.


To solve this problem, we talked with Kasper (the details in the other article in the blog), and decide to add more details and stories into this concept. Or just remain the concept “projection mapping”, and change the way we were thinking to make it more suitable for the idea of “smart city”, however, this is not the final concept of this project.


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