28/04/2016 Feedback from Kasper

We had a meeting with a staff of the company, and still has to make another appointment with them again because there are some questions the staff cannot answer. In the meanwhile, we got some feedback from Kasper about the projection mapping as below:

  1. It should be gathering information such as: how many parking space it has, or how it looks like in the past or the future or weather, temperature. So that visitors can take “something” with them when they are leaving.
  2. As international students, maybe it is a better idea to connect to international cities, for example: international friend cities of Enschede.
  3. The “online application” should connect to the concept.
  4. Thinking about the concept first, not the technical things. After the concept, always to check is it possible to achieve.
  5. If there are some technical problems, always make an appointment with him to fix it.

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